ANVIL at Home

You don't need an espresso machine at home to enjoy ANVIL coffee...

There are a wide variety of brewing methods when it comes to coffee. No single technique is the 'best' way and each person will have a personal preference.

The Right Method

Choosing the right method can vary depending on lots of things. What you need first thing in the morning isn't necessarily what you crave mid-afternoon. Sometimes a full-bodied espresso will hit the spot, other times a fruity Kenyan single origin filter coffee will sort you out just nicely.

Quality and Flavour

Both quality and flavour of your coffee are not only determined by the brewing process you use but also by the type of coffee.  For example, coffee from specific countries will have distinct characteristics. Even changing between the region and what variety of coffee tree will alter this. Using a specific bean from one country or region is known as a single origin. This differs from what is commonly used known as a blend (a selection from several countries, regions or varieties)

Roast Profile

The roasting profile is also a factor, dark and light roasts of the bean will taste completely different from one another.  Throw in the type of grind and you realise that there are lots of variables to play around with!

Be creative… you can choose a darker espresso roast coffee and still have it ground to be brewed in a drip system. There are no set rules !

Having said that there are guidelines you should follow to ensure that you produce the best cup of coffee possible regardless of what approach you are using.

To make sure the quality of every cup of coffee you prepare is consistent.

Contact us to ask any questions, or arrange a roastery visit to learn more !