About us

A few years ago our head honcho started to import coffee and sell it across the south of England. Sometimes if the moon is just right you can find him lurking the corridors with a pour-over in hand mumbling of Tarrazu and filter methods...

Since then he has collected a group of us crazy enough to put up with him and all add our own 'quirks' to make ANVIL a small, but perfectly formed business.

The thing we love about the coffee industry is that it never stands still. There is always someone pushing the boundaries and adding to our ever growing knowledge of the little green bean we spend so much time with.

We are always looking for someone else to share our enthusiasm with so your are always welcome to pop in and say hello...


ANVIL Coffee Roasters
The Forge
West Ham Industrial Estate
RG22 6PW

Tel: 01256 300 050