Luxury Hot Chocolate for Catering or for Home

ANVIL Luxury Hot Chocolate (2 x 2Kg tins)

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This is the ultimate luxury hot chocolate which is smooth, velvety, rich and so easy to make.

It can be enjoyed alone, or with all the trimmings like marshmallows, squirty cream and toppings !

You can also add flavours like peanut butter or cinnamon, to make those seasonal hot chocolate treats even MORE delightful.

Although it is designed to be made on an espresso machine, if you would like to have it at home, you can make it by adding it to milk in a saucepan on your hob - try adding just a small knob of butter and a tiny half pinch of salt for the ultimate in hot chocolate at home - seriously - NOTHING else compares !

The product is in now - we are just waiting for the labels !