Coffee Gator Canister with CO2 Valve

Coffee Gator Canister with CO2 Valve

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    Don't leave your high quality hand roasted coffee in the bag once opened... when this premium quality, stainless steel container loves your coffee as much as you do !

    Coffee beans naturally emit CO2, and suck in oxygen, but when it comes to storing coffee, CO2 is not welcome, and neither is oxygen, so this canister has a one-way valve which allows the CO2 to leave, but stops air and light from entering and attacking the delicate flavours.

    The airtight Coffee Gator Canister protects your coffee investment. It even has a handy wheel on the lid to track your coffees expiry date.

    Coffee Gator's mission is "more smiles per cup". That’s why they NEVER compromise on quality, service or your happiness.